What is the source of happiness at work, or in relationship or anywhere really? What if you are ‘at peace’, or feeling very serene or courageous, even joy. would that make you happy too?

What if you can discover the very source of happiness right now with a simple exercise from the new ebook What is The Source of Happiness? Tips and tools to uncover inner wisdom, inner freedom and awareness. What if you then bring that happiness, even more, to any situation? From here, you can either move on, or remain. Can you let your inner wisdom unravel to discover what the source of happiness is, and beyond?

This exercise on happiness comes from a wise gentleman and teacher named Hale. In the new ebook, this exercise is expanded to apply the words serene peace, joy and/or courage. So if you are open to it now, can you think of a situation where you felt really happy? Can you allow yourself to feel into that happiness right now? Can you think of a different situation where you felt really happy? Can you allow yourself to feel into that happiness now? Can you notice that, even though there are two completely different situations, the feeling of happiness is the same from within. It seems the source of the happiness is from within. So what is the source of happiness? And if it is even more than that, what is the source of happiness? And if it is even more than that, what is the source of happiness? Can you notice how the mind is quiet, it has cleared and is aware. It is usually coming from the higher feeling sensing, the source. Perhaps, it is a still spacious awareness that allows for all energy in motion, “e-motion”.

If this exercise interests you there are more tips and tools in the ebook on amazon, to point your mind to that source of happiness and unlimited clear potential, awareness and inner wisdom that you already are! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ENVZUKM This ebook also comes alive with 4 Blog Talk Radio episodes to further enhance its teachings.


For some time the eastern teachings have known there is a deeper ‘sense of sensing’. Some may call it a ‘presence of awareness’, spirit, soul, stillness, silence, or simply a serene quiet with mind or thought, even emotional intelligence. I happened to be fortunate enough to learn from western teachings which would have really originated from the east. The terms used were presence of awareness, “beingness” and “isness”, meaning it “just is’ what it is. Yes, we can be aware. Yet, “awareness” suggests something beyond ‘aware of’.

So what is “heightened” awareness? In my experience, and I can only really write on my experience, it is really aiming to write on the ‘non-descript’ which may be why there are so many differing words for it. It needs no words to be, just as the blue sky needs no control to be what it already is, nor does it need to control. It seems fair to honour that “awareness” is non-descript and allow each to discover this intriguing nature that’s born within. Some have suggested a non-suffering. Could they be so bold? Well, they have been, Nisargadatta Maharaj, sage from India, for example! Tony Robbins, a personal growth trainer, went to the extreme of opening people to walk on hot coals, harm free. There has to be a message of non suffering in that! Even though, I don’t advocate teaching that, as there maybe a better way as humankind allows itself to unravel and unfold its deeper true nature.

Words or visuals are all thought and perception, yet “being” that awareness that already is born within takes it a step further for exploring an unlimited potential from the inside. Whether that ‘awareness’ is noticed or not, it is there for emotions to move and flow in, on and through. Also, I noticed when I tuned into what is actually here in this moment, rather than “what was” and “the past”, I was much more naturally open and free on an internal level.  Beneath is an outrageous joy, and a softness that seems at the deeper true nature of the being. Once, again when allowing the self to discover its own truth beyond what it thinks it truly is, the real nature can be explored internally. What is it that is aware of ‘thinking’? Are you that awareness? Could you welcome and notice that!

That present ‘beneath the surface’ beauty of ‘being’ what you already are, remains just like ‘the clear of clearest’ movie screens upon which the story of life is played upon.  If you are open to it, with your mind and heart, you may well discover a ‘greateness’ from deeper  within allowing for your infinite nature to be noticed as what it truly is, a freedom beyond any words or pictures whilst still being that exquisite ‘awareness’, in any moment and beyond ! Enjoy the ebook Noticing Nature’s Intriguing Inspirations I certainly did and do, when in that moment and beyond!

The ebook is available at amazon.com and is dedicated to “thrivors” of sexual assault and rape. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BER9VVC

Thank you Lester Levenson, and Hale Dwoskin, from The Sedona Method. The teachings which unravelled “a heightened awareness”. Thank you J. Canfield,  Breakthrough To Success Event, where I was first introduced to many resources which expanded who and what I truly am!

Kate Burke http://www.kateburke.weebly.com

Why do people keep returning to relationships where they have been harmed emotionally, spiritually, physically, sexually? It seems that they have beliefs which appear to allow them to believe things will get better or turn out right for greater good. So they keep going back and getting re harmed. The author placed herself when younger in a situation as such.
It seemed there was a hook of ‘niceness’, a token good gesture to ensure one stayed. Hence, it must be better, things are definitely going to be good from now.

It seems that a clearer reality of ‘what is’ and a freedom from fear to move forward, with ease and grace would definitely have been helpful and effective.

External teachings are obviously effective in most scenarios. Yet, in the above instances, it suggests something else was required for sustaining nurturing, kindness, joy, love, respect and trust. Hence, the invitation now, to discover awareness from the internal clear “knowing” beyond the manipulated beliefs, for opening “what is” right here, right now. In this moment if the past story, past beliefs and “what was” were not here now,…..what would be? Now you may notice a pause just for a second or longer, when you ‘think’ to get an answer. It is this clear pause, free from thinking, and the expansion of that “pause” which brings the opening and freedom, beyond figuring it out. It is a ‘stillness’ for the answer to appear.

It could also be questioned what is it that is aware of thinking? What is before any thinking? Are you thinking itself or that which is aware of the thinking? Now, welcoming that awareness is the clearing that is free from beliefs or thoughts that have held back. This inner “awareness” has been described sometimes as love itself. Yet, sometimes it may be an advantage to notice the awareness of love. To witness the emotions as they come and go.

If emotions come and go you cannot be that one feeling? So, are you the emotion or that which is aware of the emotion? Tuning into that awareness which is free from holding on, or pulling away opens a deeper reality beneath the surface of thought and perceptions, so it is also, free from being controlled…..

When allowing yourself to discover that deeper awareness that you already are, you may notice a heightened awareness of all and everything, an exquisite beauty right from within you. Nature itself, becomes quite intriguing which is where the ebook “Noticing Nature’s Intriguing Inspiration” originated from. It was developed to inspire the curiosity to dig deeper within. NASA has some really intriguing photos which take one, beyond earth. Yet, right here on earth take the time to discover what some have already described as an unlimited awareness, free to be and a “just knowing” what love and beyond really is, from a deeper level and ultimately knowing that you are that “lovingness”, which does not need to be controlled in order to be that deeper reality of who and what you truly are. May earth be that safe harm free inherent safety it is searching for and the wisdom to know it in an instant!
EBOOK ‘Noticing Nature’s Intriguing Inspiration’ By Kate Burke on amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BER9VVC

Doubt comes and goes. If it did not, there would be no room for happiness, joy, laughter, trust, wisdom or even grief. How do you have happiness and grief at exactly the same moment, or doubt and joy feelings both felt at precisely the same moment? Try it now? It is not possible. Hence, releasing your feelings allows for that deeper inherent joy, for example, to prevail.

Pretending feelings are not there, denying them and suppressing them, keeps the lid on the deeper inner freedom beneath it. Allowing yourself to acknowledge, and notice what appears in any moment and even having a technique such as The Sedona Method to enhance releasing feelings, allows for a clearing and an opening to that inner beauty beyond surface emotions around external beliefs. It allows for a neutrality, from which to take the appropriate steps forward with an ease and comfort. Perhaps this concept of any doing with discomfort can be released and dissolved totally. This is up to each to discover what really is beneath and within.

Am I my feelings which come and go? Rather, this is not so. I am aware of those feelings. I am awareness and awareness just is. I am quiet with mind’s spin of thinking, perceiving, figuring out and wanting to make it happen. I am at ease because I am open, not closed or constricted. I am spontaneous, free to see and be.

So can you allow yourself to notice any doubt as best you can when it appears in mind, simply notice it arising and simply ask yourself, could I let go of this feeling or would I rather hold onto it for every second of my entire life time? Usually the answer is a definite, Yes, to let go ! And now that there is a noticed relax, soften and open could you allow yourself to welcome joy, and welcome that some more, and even more!

That is your deeper Naturality. If you’re open to it, you may just discover an infinite exquisite aware presence and beyond !

If you enjoyed this exercise please feel free to read up some more from the ebook on amazon.com titled “You Transforming You and Beyond” By Kate Burke http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AHM9VSI Please note also there are some mistakes in this script that this computer will not correct right now. Apologies.

Never give up.. keep on keeping on !
It has been said that Thomas Edison had 2,000 failures before inventing the light !
What’s the best thing about apparent failure of a total of beyond 2,000 times?
You have managed to break the record of one of the worlds most practical inventions of all time. In the process of abundant failure, notice there is abundance, which is promising and there is even a sense of “winning” as you have broken the 2,000 failure mark…..In terms of the importance of light, well you may well be very en’light’ened, wise and learned by all those experiences that have proceeded beyond the 2,000 failure point !!
After 2000 failures/mistakes one may have to question this term ‘failure’ which, without it, the worlds best invention may not have even occurred. How then is this failing ?
So when in life “your” story feels as though it is beyond that 2000 failure point, which in real life who stops to count anyway ?…keep on keeping on in any moment and beyond !
On the law of averages and opposites the next 50 years is going to be grand. Just as the basketball bounces down, so too it must arise.

And so it is, in each moment, a chance to en’light’en, invent, discover that which is key, right within you, and a me. Failure you say? That has to be nay! Another day, for I am here to stay, to never give up and keep on keeping on

I was taught I was an “I” who had a “name”. This “I” believed a man twelve years my elder, whom I met in my mid twenties, would know all there was to know about love. This “I” was in safe hands! It resulted in sexual assault and rape.

It was not until many years down the track that a resource appeared, at a “Breakthrough to Success” personal transformation live event, which allowed this “I” to begin to discover ‘what love really is’. I experienced this as important because it moved with, and beyond the external teachings on ‘love’. It allowed for a noticing of a deeper true nature which was not even about the words themselves.

Could it be there is a ‘sense’ of ‘sensing’ that can solve humankind’s questions on love? The answers will have to come from within you, in addition to the external teachings already in place. Otherwise, in my experience, it is just external teachings. In my experience it needs to be both, unlocking your own natural ability to be who and what you already are from a deeper exploration, and then resonate with that.

If ever there is assumed interest in the ‘concept’ of dating, it definitely would be with someone who has committed to that internal ‘discovering’ of their own innate awareness and deeper inner wisdom. Strangely enough, it is easily seen through whether or not someone has unravelled that totally. Know you are in your own ‘safe hands’ first, naturally knowing and being that inherent security you were born with. Otherwise, it may not be noticed from the external world, as it has been covered over by the external teachings, some of which have been innocently taught as fear, some intently taught as fear and of course some taught from love ‘as love’. Fear actually blocks ‘love’, as it is its opposite and it is unusual for the two to happen at exactly the same time. Hence, the ‘block’. Love externally taught may be true from who it is taught from. Yet, what is your inner discovery on that? What is your own inner truth on that? Is love just about sexuality? The real freedom is the awareness of both, from within. It is also interesting to note, in my experience, that awareness is a powerful inner peace, from which to notice “what is”.

Begin within, begin with you! A brief introduction on ‘how to’ unlock or open this new found inner freedom is written about in the ebook titled “Opening Inner Freedom” by Kate Burke on amazon.com kindle ebook store in the country lived in.

Way hey, hehhehhhe hahhahhha ! What’s so funny ‘Skimpy’? Oh, hi there ‘lingerie family’, glad you could come to the gathering here around “If clothing could talk”.
‘Well, it seems that a company got a hold of our conversation the other day, so the ladies were a talkin’ as they viewed us the other day beyond the counter, and they’re going to be making a whole new range of us. Wow, thats great isnt it?’. Cotton Tails who was resting peacefully had to agree! Seems they have this insight about a theme around “you are enough” and creating a range of what they called “Naturality”. ‘What’s that stupid word all about?’ Seems as though they are wanting the lingerie to be created around the ‘natural you’ blending with the physical environment. It includes comfort, and a natural practicality. ‘Sounds great, and I guess there will be even more material to us, with a not so much emphasis on the ‘lingerie for sexy promotion’ side of things’, Skimpy put in. ‘Well, without wanting to judge, theyre only ever doing what they feel best and so on it goes. Yet some were really being abused from it, cos we saw it and knew it from beneath that surface.’ ‘Sssssh,’ Maurice display model, ‘you cant even say that here.’ ‘Ooops, just did!’ “They really had to release the past tough stuff that was hurting them and empowered within. They wish that these industries dont fold, and go on to create even better soul-utions while knowing that the real soul-ution is within. Beyond the tough stuff which may be beneath the surface. Yet, even deeper than that is the serene peace and joy, and that is the truth of who the people really are.’ ‘Hmmm, this is going to feel so more closer to that truth of who we are. Amen for that!’ ‘Yes, its kinda not so easy for us lingerie, sometimes, as we are on the surface side of the humans. Yet, we as clothing here, also have that ability to delve a little deeper and discover what is really within them. To discover what they are thinking! Yet, some these days, are at peace, they dont even have to think theyre minds are so at ease.’ ‘Well thats it for now, happy presenting a deeper natural truth of who the humans really are from the surface, as best can be.’ ‘Yer, lets have some real fun with it eh?’

Hey guys and gals, we’re back. Yes, its us, believe it or not, “clothing” and just between you and I, we really can talk! ‘Cept please dont go spreading it around as this is the only place we open up right here on this blog, we actually managed to get through to one of you ‘beings’ only after she suffered enormously. Our aim here is to ensure that doesnt happen any more, as best we can, and allow any “being” to recognise safety and their inner ‘beauty’ beyond ‘the concept of beauty’ for being what they already are, which is enough! Well then, we are the naughtiest of naughtiest clothing and we’re down right outraegously fun! Well supposedly, least that’s what some ‘beings’ believed in the past. We, as the lingerie family, want more to us than the material that we exist as, and yet, we let go of that, to know it wasnt about us. It was about, the “being” we wished to present. If only we were heard more. This is what we would say. First let me introduce myself, Im called Skimpy, and Sexy is my last name. Im from the lingerie family too. We sort of cover some parts of humans from all shapes and sizes. As “Skimpy” I have to say, the most glorius of all humans came in the other day, she had the perfect bod…oops, we dont really know what perfect body is, because every body is perfect to our family. We dont really identify with beliefs around how a body is, or is not perfect. Yet, we’ve heard some ladies tell themselves when they try us out in the changerooms, such comments as, if only I were slimer, shorter, taller, thiner, more tanned, more toned and things like ‘he is bound to love me, and love me more in this’. Hey, Geraldine here, last name G-string, ha! Ive heard them say, “this is sooo uncomfortable” and they go purchase me! I just want to say, “hey, its you I love not the look of, what I am”. Hello, its me “Cotton” and last name is “Tails”, there’s much more to me. Im the cover to the waist and top of the legs, type of underpants. I was the trend many years ago and didnt really have too much ‘uncomfy comments”. Today, though, I get lots of laughs when those who werent around when I was made, pass me by in the shops. Im made from cotton, so sweat doesnt bother me too much. I laugh along too as I know I must appear funny to those who have never worn me. My job isnt about being laughed at or dressing up sexy. I came more from the practical side of things way back then. My point is, even though, I dont promote too much of that sexy skimpy belief stuff, some ladies know they are enough when they buy me. They tend to not really bother so much about the sexy stuff and Ive heard them say, they dont really need the ‘sexy stuff’ to be who they are. Not all of them, but most, know that the trust doesnt come from lingerie. It comes intuitvely from the inner wisdom of the ‘being’. Thats right, and I outta know because Ive heard that too. By the way, Im Maurice Display Model and show the guys gear. Best thing is this though, and if we as “clothing” can tell you anything, its this. You can discover that inner clear wisdom even more. You can let go of what you are not, especially the beliefs around “I am not enough!” or you wouldnt be in here trying us on. Head on over to sedona.com and read up some gains on those who have started discovering their own inner truth, beyond these taught sexyness beliefs or really about beliefs of approval/disapproval. They seem to have this exquisite ‘beyond disapproval of the self” about em. Maybe if you check that out, we just may get a little more material when they make us, eh Skimpy?! “Sure hope so”, Geraldine G. Cos it may be that when the “beings” free up those beliefs that “they need to be sexy to be who they are” and they then need to “dress up in ‘skimpy’ to be who they are even more”, then, they may not even want to buy us! Aaaah, as long as they truly are what they already are and were born with, which is…. enough! Ha, of course they are that, just noticing it is the answer and from internally. Blessings to you “beings”, from all of us called “clothing”!

New ebook Inviting self awareness, empowerment from within. Internal discovering in addition to all external beliefs. What is beyond beliefs that hold back and limit, if anything? Knowing what is safe and harm free with mutuality. An internal discovery allowing for –  easier, clearer, greater joy, serenity…if thats true for you?


This thing called ‘fear’.
It seems to appear,
based on ‘what was’,
a ‘just because’,

And alas!
There’s got to be,
a way to allow that ‘free’ from a ‘me’,
For if there was no ‘identity to’
What would there be for a ‘you’?

An aware, yet unaffected,
And an energy in motion,
An e-motion,
WOW, now, there goes all that commotion!

May the day be here now,
For humankind to ‘learn how’,
to quickly and effectively ‘be’ letting go,
with that natural ability,
similar to any agility,
inherently born,
beyond all that scorn!

A serenity and peace,
beyond those beliefs.
It’s time to unravel,
you’re own inner truth,
Come on now…. you are….
you’re own best sleuth!!
By Kate Burke at freedomindcoachingsedonamethod.com


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